Gave Jim and Reverse Mortgage Funding a new 5-star review.

       We obtained a reverse mortgage line of credit in Sep 2016 from Reverse Mortgage Funding. Our guide through the process was Jim Stanko. He was a terrific person to work with – – honest, knowledgeable, and personable. I am a retired certified financial planner practitioner, and I believe that I have set up our finances so that we probably won’t need to tap this reverse mortgage in the future. However, if a total disaster strikes, such as a lengthy economic depression that ravages the stock market for many years, combined with either myself or my wife needing multiple years of nursing home care, it is nice to know that we have a fallback plan where we can easily tap the equity in our home if we feel we need to. With only a nominal up-front cost to pay for the required federal reverse mortgage education session, I honestly cannot see why anyone would not want to take advantage of this valuable tool to protect their financial security.


A personal recommendation for Jim Stanko
       Acquiring a Reverse Mortgage was the best decision I ever made, and I attribute this positive decision to the professional guidance of JAMES (Jim) STANKO of Reverse Mortgage Funding, whom I came to know, respect and trust implicitly over the time it took to close the loan.

Jim thoroughly explained the process and walked me through every step. His advice was freely given without pressure or hint of personal gain on his part.

       I waited way too long to obtain my Reverse Mortgage. If you are even remotely considering a Reverse Mortgage, call Jim to learn the details. Absolutely no commitment will be required from you. Don’t delay any longer! Call Jim today! This may well be the best decision YOU will ever make.

Jim Stanko – a true professional
       My name is Jim Freeman and I’m the president of Financial Alternatives, Inc. Jim Stanko recently helped one of our clients obtain a reverse mortgage just in case he or his wife should ever need the funds. I could not have been more impressed with Jim’s professionalism throughout this process. He was knowledgeable, patient and kind. It took our client a long time to decide what he wanted to do, and Jim gave him the space he needed to make up his mind. Jim also followed up flawlessly each and every time he said he would. The end result was a happy client who now has greater peace of mind about his future financial security. If you would like to learn more about reverse mortgages, we can highly recommend Jim Stanko.

Very pleased with Jim Stanko
       We are very pleased with RMF and specifically working with Jim Stanko. He is so knowledgeable, professional and organized! We have worked with him on two reverse mortgages and would not hesitate to recommend him or RMF. They are excellent to work with!


Jim Stanko really helped my father…

       Jim Stanko really helped my father with his reverse mortgage. I was also included in the procedure, counseling, etc. and to be truthfully honest, I was confused, at first, on all that goes on, but Jim really helped me understand everything. My father is very happy with everything and, to me, that’s all that matters.


Great Company – Positive Experience

‎       Jim and RMF have been fantastic. I have really appreciated Jim’s skill, knowledge, and very personal care throughout the entire process. Jim answered all of our questions, kept us informed, and continues to keep in touch to see how everything is going. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone.

‎HECMs, Jim Stanko, and RMF
       My experience with an HECM: I got an HECM from RMF in 2016 – before I was really sure about how much an HECM could help me. Since then I have tried to learn more about HECMs and how best to use them. The more I learn, the happier I am that I got an HECM. I’ve come to see it as an extremely valuable part of my retirement. It should allow me to always have a comfortable lifestyle, and it will help me deal with unforeseen expenses. Having an HECM provides me with real peace-of-mind. The crushing worry I had about running out of money is gone.

Financially secure, thanks to Jim Stanko

       I’m truly grateful for the valuable experience and approach to customer service provided by Jim Stanko in my pursuit to understand how a reverse mortgage program could improve my life (which it has!).  Right from our initial conference to the signing of closing paperwork, Jim rendered the process seamlessly. I believe the company’s agent is equally important as the product, the product here being a financial life saver that has empowered me to live worry-free, money-wise. Thank you, Mr. Stanko, for making this happen. Happy, happy, happy.


The right thing, the right specialist, the right company
       We can’t say enough about our experience with Jim Stanko and RMF. It was our financial planner who pointed out the benefits of a reverse mortgage when we were purchasing a new home in the retirement stage of life. Having the option of not making monthly principal and interest payments meant we could withdraw less money from our IRA, which improved our long-term financial picture and increased the likelihood of leaving a greater inheritance to our kids – while still owning our home! Our financial planner then referred us to Jim.

During our first meeting, we were immediately impressed with his ability to explain complicated terminology in a way that was understandable to us. We also admired his listening skills and how well he clarified the options as they pertained to our circumstances. During each step of the process, from applying for the reverse mortgage through closing on our new property, Jim was readily available. The day we closed on our new home, the bank contacted him with a last minute need for information from us. Jim facilitated that process and made it possible to finalize the closing on time. We couldn’t have been in better hands.

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